Pappe- und Kartonagenfabrik GmbH
Slip-Lid Box (SLB)

PAKA-Paperboards are the base to produce different types of boxes used for packing different products - from light printed matters to heavy metal parts. In combination with display tray inserts they become the perfect transporter for your sophisticated product.

Areas of Application: Single-, Multi- or Bulky goods
Features: solid, shock- and scratchproof, oil- and grease absorbent, waterproof if desired, recycleable
Materials: grey, solid or filing paperboard, cardboard, corrugated paperboard
Connection: Plug in or Roll Up connections (lying flat shipping possible), glued, tacked simple, tacked over the corner or riveted
Print: single or multicolored on demand
Minimum size: 6 cm x 3 cm x 2 cm

SLB from simple grey paperboard, tacked

SLB from deflaked grey paperboard with roll up connection

SLB from grey paperboard, stapled and printed

SLB from solid Cardboard, roll up connection

Shoebox from solid cardboard

Collapsable box from solid paperboard with stabilization

SLB from solid paperboard with glued connection

SLB from solid paperboard with riveted connection